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7 Day Positivity Challenge


Would you like to change your thoughts to be more positive? It can be tricky without some practice and focus. This simple and fun positivity challenge is a great way to work positive thinking into your daily routine. The course material for this 7-Day Positivity Challenge only takes 5-10 minutes to complete each day making it easy to slot into your daily routine. I give you a simple focus for each day which will help you to incorporate positive thinking into your daily life. This is a simple and effective challenge for both beginners and for those who have been practicing positive thinking for some time. For beginners, you will get a glimpse into some positive thinking tools and some insight into your own thoughts. For those who practice positive thinking already, the challenge is a great refresher and a nice way to have a positive focus for each day. This challenge gives a brief overview of: - practicing gratitude - staying in the present moment - becoming aware of your thoughts - spreading kindness - the healing power of nature The course is fully accessible after signing up so you can read the material at whatever time of day suits you best. This course can be taken in your own time in the comfort of your own home.




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