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These stylish Collar Charms are super cute and pack beautiful gemstone energy to support your pup as they explore the world.


They attach to a collar, harness, leash or anything else you can put a key ring on, bringing a pop of colour and style! This design has a 20mm key ring.


Choose from 2 gemstone combinations -or- a Custom Design:

A. Tiger's Eye & African Turquoise (brown & green)

B. Coffee Bean Jasper, Black Onyx & African Opal Jasper (brown, green, & black)

Custom Design


Gemstone Properties:

A. Tiger's Eye & African Turquoise (brown & green)

  • Protection
  • Courage
  • Encourages growth and development


B. Coffee Bean Jasper, Black Onyx & African Opal Jasper (brown, green, & black)

  • Fighting Fears
  • Protection
  • Grounding


Custom Design - I will tune in and choose the best gemstones for your dog, or you can let me know the colours and/or energies you'd like.  


I handmake all of my items with high-quality materials including genuine, Grade A gemstones. 


Before I send any items, I cleanse and charge them ready for your pet.

The metaphysical properties stated do not make these crystals and minerals a replacement for traditional veterinarian advice. All information provided is intended for spiritual use only.


Collar Charm (Midi)


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