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These beautiful mini Brazilian Amethyst hearts are AAA, extra-grade with amazing clarity and colour. They are natural Bahia Amethyst crystals which are mined and hand carved in Brazil. These are genuine, natural amethyst crystals, which I sourced directly from the mines in Brazil. 


This crystal can help you with:

  • Clearing of negative energy
  • Encouraging balance
  • Transmutation 
  • Activating third eye and crown
  • Connecting with the Violet Flame
  • Enhancing intuition 
  • Strengthens imagination and intuition 


Amethyst is known to be a balancing and clearing stone. It helps facilitate the transmission of lower frequency into higher energies, opening up the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Which makes these perfect for meditation as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic ability.


Amethyst's ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one's creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition and refines the thinking processes. 


These very special Amethyst Hearts are known for their incredible quality. They are 20mm accross, and 5g.


Crystal Heart Benefits: 


Crystal hearts hold a special place in the realm of crystal energy. Their gentle energy vibrates in the energy of love and compassion. And they radiate warmth and comfort to those who embrace them.


These heart-shaped gems promote emotional uplifting, invite self-love, and encourage deep connections with others. Let the soothing vibrations of crystal hearts harmonize your emotions, awaken your inner joy, and inspire a profound sense of love and well-being.


Energy can be channelled into crystals where they are held and will radiate out to those who hold them or into houses that host them. I channel healing, protective and transformative Angel Energies and the Violet Flame into these crystals.


This product includes one Brazilian Amythest heart.


Please note that these are natural crystals. Each natural crystal varies slightly in shape, colour and size.

Mini Amethyst Heart, Brazilian, AAA Extra Grade

12,00 €Preis
  • Size: 20mm accross, 5g


    Each crystal is unique. If you wish to choose for yourself, feel free to email or text me right after making your purchase.


    Comes in a cotton pouch, and is lovingly wrapped.